Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Shambles (Oh, Happy Day)

It's funny how life goes,
It moves so fast
And slow.

Your here one minute 
And the next you are there,
I can't breathe right now
Asphyxiating thin air.

Everything is changing 
And today so am I.
I can't say I'm not lost 
Cause that's just a lie.

Without you I'm broken 
I am not whole,
A piece of my heart 
Is what you fucking stole.

I'm withered I'm dying, 
Today I am dead.
Running in circles, 
Forever in my head.

You you you, 
Me me me.
Your perfect smile,
Is all I wish to see.

It gives such pleasure,
Gives me great joy.
Emotions run through me, 
Just like a little boy.

I need you right here,
I need you right now.
I'll give you whatever, 
Whenever you allow.

You and I,
We are meant to be.
It is plain and simple,
Why can't you see?

We go together,
Like PB & J.
Come with me now, 
And we'll run away.

We'll leave this town,
Leave it far behind.
Do it all again,
And then press rewind.

Live out the moments,
The good and the bad.
Cherish all the memories,
That we never had.

I want you so bad,
It's killing me inside.
I want to run far away,
But there's no place to hide.

Your everywhere I look
Your all I see.
Your anything and everything,
You make me feel me.

Oh well...I guess ,
It's just another day.
I hope sometime soon,
I won't ever feel this way.

It was my choice
It was my decision.
I hope someday, 
We meet again in heaven.

I'll kiss you
And you'll kiss me.
Together forever
Its all I see...

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